Belt Academy was founded in 1994; carton sealing tapes began marketing activities in the sector, and in later years, Turkey has a place in the market through the production phase. Novatap name is created as registered its brand, its products are offered to customers by name.
Istanbul- still in Kartal area of 3500 meters meet the requirements of producing quality certified products to foreign markets in Turkey and modern facilities. plain and printed carton sealing tapes production facilities in our company (hotmelt, acrylic, natural rubber), office, masking tape, Double sided tape and film to protect the surface are produced.

Оur Mission
With quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers to contribute to the development of national economy and constantly increasing determination to create value for sharing.

Оur Vision
Packaging sector to constantly monitor and technological investments to grow up, to be part of the leading companies with high quality standards and spherical.

Our core values
Packaging sector to constantly monitor and technological investments to grow up, to be part of the leading companies with high quality standards and spherical.

We are honest
We’re honest and open with all our thinking, communication and behavior. ” Do not give a word for something that can realize ”

Our clients are at the center
All our products and services to their customers added value.

Њe believe
Many believe in you and in us.

We are inventors
We are inventors. The news was our job.

We are creative
Quickly organize quickly applied.

We have respect for people
Dave value of each person and this helps.

Our job manage Facts
Working conclusions reviewing data. ” The conclusions are very important ‘

Customer, employee and partners; To provide satisfaction and expectations continuously,

Helping to improve the packaging industry by using modern systems and materials

To prevent environmental and image pollution, to contribute to the country’s economy,

We constantly improve and improve our company’s quality management system.

As ACADEMY TAPE, we aim to carry out our activities together with our employees, customers and our suppliers in accordance with the requirements, honesty and confidence.
In our community consciousness and production facilities, all of our business partners present our company policy, first of all we work in compliance with our laws, our customers’ production procedures and social standards and invite them to become partners in this understanding.

AKADEMİ TAPE is in line with the company policy;

In ACADEMY TAPE, working age is as determined by law, child labor is not allowed to be employed and is not supported.

AKADEMİ TAPE does not employ the employees of the company under any pressure. All employees are employed under equal conditions in their respective positions and in favorable positions.

AKADEMİ TAPE fulfills the legal requirements for the health and safety of all its employees, takes the necessary precautions to prevent all health and safety risks of the personnel and supports the educational opportunities and developments and ensures the health and safety of employees.

The working environment of AKADEMİ TAPE employees has adequate equipment and offers all kinds of facilities for their basic needs in hygienic conditions.
AKADEMİ BANT employees are free to establish collective bargaining and trade unions as well as freedom of all kinds.

Employees in AKADEMİ TAPE have the freedom of opinion and belief and do not discriminate on the subjects such as language, religion, race, sex, social class, age and membership of union.

ACADEMIC TAPE regulates working hours as required by law, does not regularly work overtime and allows its employees two days a week.

ACADEMY TAPE wage policy is evaluated according to the knowledge and skills of our employees and no payment is made below the minimum wage.

Employees in AKADEMİ TAPE report their requests and complaints through the management of their representatives and the solutions of these issues are analyzed and finalized by the management.

AKADEMİ TAPE does not discipline any employees in terms of physical or material discipline rules and provides the development of their employees through trainings and instructions.

ACADEMY TAPE fulfills its social responsibilities against environmental pollution and the protection of nature and makes its employees aware of this issue.

AKADEMİ TAPE controls all the criteria of the company policy with its social management and quality management systems and manages it with a contemporary management system and targets its activities together with all its suppliers and business partners.

As ACADEMY TAPE, we carry out the following activities to ensure the safety of our products in usage areas;

Effective fight against insects and pests;
* All complaints about insects and pests that may arise from our employees are taken into consideration.
* We will continue to support the management in order to ensure the measures that can be taken by evaluating the requests that may arise from our customers.
* Periodic field inspections are planned to be implemented in order to ensure product safety during production, storage and dispatch stages and to contribute to our customers’ product safety measures. Measures are taken for the safety of the areas with technical expert support.

Jewelry Use;
* Employees working in production areas can use watches, rings, earrings, etc. Measures shall be taken not to use jewelry and clothing which could jeopardize the safety of the product.

Foreign Material Policy;
* In production area cracked and broken glass, plastic, etc. It is ensured that no materials are kept except for those that are obliged to use the materials.
* Field personnel are responsible for the safe use of materials in the field, and if these materials are damaged, they will be intercepted and removed from the area as soon as possible.
Resource requirements for the measures to be taken are provided by the General Directorate. The effectiveness of the measures taken by the management representative is assessed.

General manager