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Surface Protection Films

To guarantee your products are protected with Selftape Surface Protection Film. Selftape uses the lates technology to produce water and solvent based adhesive specifically desingned for the outer surfage. This protective seal ensures your product reaches the and user without a scratch, stain or and any negative effect caused by the outside environment.


To protect PVC and aluminum windows frames, sandwich panels, wood, glass and all kinds of surface ass which are easily scratched.


High UV protection. Easy to stick, easy to remove. Can be removed without trace. Comformity for ISO standards. Printing option up to 6 colors on transparent, blue, black or white based product. Can be slit between 30 – 2500 mm according to requirements. Can be produced between 500 to 1000 meters length. Can be produced between 30 – 100 mic COEX film.